and welcome to my quasi-professional web site

My name is Adam, and I am a software developer. It is both my job and my hobby, and this is where you can find the software that I have created.

Virtually everything here — with the exception of the photograph of me — is free for your use as you see fit. I ask you not to do unkind, unethical or unfair things with this software. Also, please keep in mind that I make no promises of any kind that this software is fit for any purpose; you use it at your own risk.

I welcome bug reports, feature requests, constructive criticism and questions of all kinds, but I do not provide technical support. If you use any of this code, and it fails to perform as you expect or causes a customer to be angry with you, you must not expect that I will be able to assist you with resolving such problems.

In other words, caveat emptor. That's buyer beware.