a die-rolling service for remote role-playing games

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was twelve years old. All through high school, occasionally through college and increasingly-rarely across adulthood, being a role-playing game enthusiast kept me in touch with friends and my own imagination and creativity.

The decades have seen me and my RPG-playing friends spread out across the country, wander here-and-there and undergo many other changes that have kept us from being able to be in the same place at the same time, sitting around a table with paper and dice. We have — with wildly varying levels of success — tried to game remotely, using online tools, and Rolld is an off-shoot of those efforts.

Rolld is a single-purpose, chat-like tool that allows any number of participants to roll virtual dice in a trusted way; the die rolls are performed by the server and everyone can see the results. You can try it out at

I hope that your remote role-playing game sessions are filled with folks who are trustworthy enough that you wouldn't need Rolld, but if you are interested in Go, you might like to look at the source code; it is — I believe — a pretty good example of how to use WebSockets, goroutines and channels to provide easy, non-polling communication between several clients.

I always welcome questions, constructive criticism, feature ideas and pull requests.